Gas-steam combined cycle power generation technology

Combined Cycle Power: History, Description & Uses

May 19, 2020 · Why a combined cycle power plant? The simple reason – efficiency. When compared to a traditional coal or gas fired plant (boiler or simple cycle combustion turbine), a combined cycle plant's overall efficiency can be 20 – 30% greater. This means that fuel use is 20 – 30% less and the fuel cost per megawatthour is 20 – 30% lower.

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Gas--steam turbine combined cycle power plants (Technical

To date, most of the applications of combined cycles have been for electric power generation only. The basic gas--steam turbine combined cycle consists of: (1) a gas turbine-generator set, (2) a waste-heat recovery boiler in the gas turbine exhaust stream designed to produce steam, and (3) a steam turbine acting as a bottoming cycle.

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